Forman praised the Physical Bernard Hopkins

Former world heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman, praised physical abilities of Bernard Hopkins, while breaking his record as the oldest boxer who became world champion.

Bernard Hopkins became the oldest boxer time boxing world champion light heavyweight world boxing WBC version of the board. He defeated defending champion Jean Pascal with numbers when they reach age 46 years 126 days.

 "I enjoy every round of battle," said Foreman who is now 63 years old. "The fight is interesting. Bernard is a smart fighter and has better conditions," said Foreman. 

George Foreman is an Olympic boxing gold medalist in Mexico 1968. In 1973 he won the world heavyweight title by beating Joe Frazier KO. In 1977 he resigned from the boxing ring and became a pastor. In 1987, he decided to return to the ring to raise money for his religious activities. 

"I saw Bernard Hopkins put through push-ups at the beginning of the seventh round. This shows the physical and mental condition of incredible, especially he did it in the cage Pascal," he continued. "I like Bernard broke my record that way. If in the Olympics, he had the gold medal. He did so by beating a young champion such as Pascal." 

Foreman won the heavyweight boxing world by beating Michael Moorer KO on November 5, 1994. At that time he was aged 45 years or younger than 192 days from the time Hopkins took last week. 

"Now age 46 became the world champion, could be a later age of 47, 48, 49, or 50. If there is a 60-year-old boxer who broke the record, I will return to the ring to reclaim the record was," Foreman joked.



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