Forman praised the Physical Bernard Hopkins

Former world heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman, praised physical abilities of Bernard Hopkins, while breaking his record as the oldest boxer who became world champion.


Rossi and Ducati, After 4 Series

Valentino Rossi is still experiencing difficulties to "conquer" Ducati Desmosedici GP11 riding on this season. Evidently, after passing four 2011 MotoGP series, "The Doctor"has collected 47 points and is ranked five of the standings.

Skype will be Integrated into All Microsoft Products

Not only 7 billion U.S. dollars as rumored, but 8.5 billion U.S. dollars, or more than Rp 72 trillion issued Microsoft to acquire Skype. It was recorded as the biggest acquisition Microsoft has ever done.


Ronaldo: "El Pichichi" Owned All

Real Madrid midfielder, Cristiano Ronaldo, say, without the support of his colleagues, he will not be able to equal the record for most goals in the league belong to the club legend, Hugo Sanchez and Telmo Zarra, that is 38 goals.


Honda Starting Restored in July 2011

Marathon Toyota announced that Japan's recovery in the supply of components and the whole country in the world beginning in June. While the Honda Motor Company through its branches in the United States declared the production began to recover and return to its normal position in July and August 2011.


Disasters caused Pirelli Hard Tires

New tires Pirelli offered at two times the Spanish Grand Prix free practice on Friday (20/5/11), triggering oblique commentary from the driver of Formula 1 (F1). According to the McLaren driver, Lewis Hamilton, hard Pirelli tires into "catastrophe".

McDonald's reluctant Make Obesity Research

Largest restaurant company in the world of McDonald's Corp.. refuse requests to do research on the impact of their products to the epidemic of obesity experienced by children in the United States. The shareholders also insisted that the franchise company, they will continue to use the figure of the clown Ronald McDonald as an icon in the offering of food products to children.

Why It's Hard to Stop Smoking?

Quitting smoking is not easy. Level of difficulty to stop getting higher in some people because it turns out they feel pleasure nicotine brain is bigger than anyone else.


Katy Perry Sexiest Version "FHM" Australia

Adult men's magazine FHM June 2011 issue of the Australian edition released the names of celebrities who are considered most sexy. The singer Katty Perry ranks first. He outperformed other sexy actresses, such as Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, to Miranda Kerr.

All eyes were on the Nadal-Djokovic

Rafael Nadal is the king of clay, and Novak Djokovic are on-fire. Nothing wrong with the two players who inhabit 1-2 ATP rankings are going to be a concern in the event the French Open which starts scrolling May 22 next.


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