McDonald's reluctant Make Obesity Research

Largest restaurant company in the world of McDonald's Corp.. refuse requests to do research on the impact of their products to the epidemic of obesity experienced by children in the United States. The shareholders also insisted that the franchise company, they will continue to use the figure of the clown Ronald McDonald as an icon in the offering of food products to children.

"This is a matter of choice and we believe in a democratic process. Ronald McDonald is the ambassador for McDonald's, and he is an ambassador for good. Ronald McDonald is not going anywhere," said McDonald's Corp. Chief Executive. Jim Skinner in a shareholders' meeting, which drew applause by meeting participants.

This is an affirmation of the restaurant company's stance in rejecting a draft proposal that requires them to make statements about the role and impact of their products to the growing obesity epidemic among children.

They claim that food choices are the right of every consumer. Society has the right to choose the menu according to your needs and desires. "This is a matter of personal and individual right to choose," says Skinner.

Among those present at the meeting, there is a policy against McDonald's. One of them is Dr. Donald Zeigler, director of prevention and healthy lifestyles in the American Medical Association. Zeigler urged McDonald's burger restaurant outlets stop using the clown Ronald as a means of marketing to children.

Zeigler is one of 550 medical professionals who signed an open letter to McDonald's. The letter essentially asks the company to stop the effort which was considered to be making the next generation become sick.

On Tuesday, a group of observers also advertise in newspapers to ask McDonald's to stop his promotion to children using the clown, the provision of toys and various other marketing strategies.

In the United States based on U.S. data Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 17 percent of children and adolescents are obese. In fact, excess weight (overweight) in childhood may increase the risk of developing diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension and other diseases.


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