Disasters caused Pirelli Hard Tires

New tires Pirelli offered at two times the Spanish Grand Prix free practice on Friday (20/5/11), triggering oblique commentary from the driver of Formula 1 (F1). According to the McLaren driver, Lewis Hamilton, hard Pirelli tires into "catastrophe".

Yes, at this weekend's race, harder compound tire newly issued Pirelli, will make his debut. Nevertheless, these tires have already been tried for the Turkish GP practice, 8 May. Italian Factory is hoped, the harder tire that will allow the teams to choose various strategies. 

However, Hamilton was hard tire compound was very uncomfortable to wear. So, do not be surprised if he chose to use more soft tires during this first day of free practice. 

"Super-hard tires are a disaster, so it was not to drive," Hamilton said after the workout.
When asked what he meant by disaster, this British rider added: "A disaster for the ride. The difference of two seconds, and do not last long. 

"I do not know why they took the tire, because I think the others quite well. It looks quite difficult to start and then end it. 

"I think we are slower about two and a half seconds with a tire that. Then, we replace it with a normal soft tires and turned out fantastic. I think you'll see most people with a tire that during this weekend." 

Similar disclosed Hamilton's teammate, Jenson Button. According to him, the harder compound tire performance makes shock. 

"It's hard, really hard," said world champion 2009. "This is the first time I used it, and I think the other series we did not wear them because we are trying to make a long distance with the actual hard tires. So, this makes a little shock."


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