Skype will be Integrated into All Microsoft Products

Not only 7 billion U.S. dollars as rumored, but 8.5 billion U.S. dollars, or more than Rp 72 trillion issued Microsoft to acquire Skype. It was recorded as the biggest acquisition Microsoft has ever done.

So great was Microsoft's ambition to master Skype. In fact, have to compete with Google and Facebook are reportedly also interested in buying Skype. I wonder what the reason behind all this?

 "Skype is the preferred phenomenal service millions of people. Together we can create the future of real time communication so that people can easily connect to each other both among family members, friends, clients, and colleagues anywhere in the world sleuruh," that's a alsan stated Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO in announcing the acquisition, on Tuesday (10/05/2011) in San Francisco, USA.

The next Skype will be a new business unit at Microsoft. Skype CEO Tony Bates maintained. However, he now gets the new position of President Microsoft's Skype division and will report directly to Steve Ballmer.

"At Microsoft we see a great opportunity to get together to provide all who want every person in a single screen. We are committed to optimize Skype to your TV with the XBox, for mobile phones, and for the PC," said Steve Ballmer, accompanied by Tony Bates.

Buying Skype was a way for Microsoft to become more value-added to improve the image software product. In the same time while taking a chance in the smartphone industry is booming. Although Windows still dominates the computer software market, Microsoft's other products such as Bing and Phone Windows-based smartphones are still far behind its rivals.

Currently, Microsoft does have a sort of Skype service that is Windows Live, but its popularity is far smaller. Skype itself has been used about 170 million people around the world and lintasplatform. So do the Internet phone of the smartphones like the iPhone to a Dell-branded computers are no longer obstacles. Not to mention, when Skype entered into communications platforms XBox users while playing games or become a communication platform for enterprise software. What are the breakthroughs that will be Microsoft and Skype? Just wait.



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